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ADVEN, LLC partners with Texas State Technical College

ADVEN, LLC in partnership with Texas State Technical College Waco, will offer a North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) approved solar electric installer training course January 26-30, 2009.

This solar installer training course teaches the NABCEP Photovoltaic (PV) Entry Level Certificate of Knowledge learning objectives and includes 48 hours of professional training presented in five days of sessions, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. each day along with 8 hrs of home study...Click Here to read the class description

The cost of the training is $1,400.00 per person.

The fees must be paid in advance. Please ...CLICK HERE...to pay by CREDIT CARD

Then fill out the registration sheet ... CLICK HERE to print the Waco registration sheet Then e-mail the completed registration sheet to the contact info below.

The solar training course will be held at the Texas State Technical College Waco campus which is located at 3801 Campus Drive, Waco, Texas 76705 ...Link to Google Map...

For more information contact:

John Berry
Dir. Marketing, Texas
Phone: 512-784-6155
E-mail: jberry@advenaes.com

This five day - 48 hour NABCEP approved solar training course will teach the NABCEP PV Entry Level Certificate of Knowledge Learning Objectives ...CLICK HERE...to read the Learning Objectives and will prepare students for the NABCEP PV Entry Level Installer Certificate of Knowledge test.

Upon the completion of the 48 hour solar training course all students will be able to apply for the NABCEP PV Entry Level Certificate of Knowledge EXAM ...CLICK HERE...to learn about the NABCEP test that will be given at a future date. All students must be present for a minimum of 40 hours of class time to summit an application to NABCEP...CLICK HERE...to read more about NABCEP .

The 48 hours of solar training will take place five consecutive days. Each class will include a combination of lectures, hands on solar training as well as on-the-job solar training and 2 hours of home study each night for four nights during the five day class.


ADVEN, LLC is a New Orleans based full service consulting firm specializing in solar energy system design and workforce training with offices in Austin, TX and New Orleans, LA..

ADVEN, under the direction of Janet Hughes - co-founder and Senior Solar Designer/Trainer, is the sole provider of Louisiana CleanTech Network's Solar Workforce training programs that are offered currently on two Louisiana Technical College campuses. . . read more

Janet Hughes and has been involved in the solar industry for over 10 years in Texas. Janet is a Master Electrician and she has been an electrical contractor for 16 years and has installed hundreds of residential and commercial PV systems during this time.

ADVEN's comprehensive services are based on a broad energy perspective that includes alternative energy, renewable energy, environmental stewardship, and a focus on innovative, cost-effective advanced energy strategies that lead to sustainable technology-based solutions.

For more information about ADVEN,LLC. Contact :

Janet Hughes
Senior Solar Trainer/Designer
Phone: 512-845-3568

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New Orleans is named as a DOE Solar American City. La CleanTech spearheads the effort to build the New Orleans Solar City team with The NO office of Recovery Management, FutureProof, Green Coast Enterprises, Alliance for Affordable Energy, and Global Green..read more

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Southern Building Institute is formed by La CleanTech along with Louisiana based building professionals and teams up with Texas A&M to apply for DOE Build America grant.

Global Green Holy Cross Project partners with La CleanTech to begin workforce development program for Solar Installers during installation of 5kW solar electric system in the ninth ward...read more .

Louisiana Economic Development office and La CleanTech are working towards getting Solar PV manufacturere to locate a 175MW a year plant to locate in New Orleans to produce state of the art solar systems.

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